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Smart Checklist for Jira

This instruction applies to the following apps:

In order to Save the checklists created via listed apps in templates and then create Jira issues with prefilled checklists - follow the steps below.


  1. Add "Checklists" custom field for storing Smart Checklist data. See the instructions

  2. Associate "Checklists" field with your Projects' Screens.

    Read more about Custom fields on vendor’s wiki

  3. To make Jira issue screens less cluttered - you may hide the custom fields

  4. Go to Jira issue, add checklist items and Save a template. Checklists field values would be saved into the template as well.

  5. That’s it! Now, when you will create a new issue from the Template - Issue Checklist would be populated with the saved checklist automatically! 🚀

Check the videos below


Use Smart Checklist for Jira Cloud within Easy Templates app


Use Smart Checklist for Jira Server/DC within Easy Templates app

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