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Here we’ve gathered the most common issues the way how to troubleshoot them, and possible solutions.



Probably Cause

Possible Solution


Template is not created from Jira issue

Jira Server, Data Center

Issue contain more than ~15 subtasks. Due to specific limitation of our Jira server version storage, big template could not be saved.

Try removing Subtasks, lowering down to <15 items


The message is shown while upgrading an addon

We ran into a little trouble. It might just be a hiccup. Try again in a bit.

Jira Cloud

  1. If you have recently migrated tom Jira Server to Jira Cloud, Jira Software does not have any default users group. So the installation of the App fails.

  2. If URL of your Jira instance has changed, e.g. from to - old instance URL and client key already exist in our instance registry and we do not allow duplicate installation to avoid mixing data/instances.

  1. Check relevant treads and set at least one of the groups to be the Default Group



  2. We need to manually disable your old key and then you can try reinstalling an app again. Please reach us via Customer Portal


When changing an assignee in a template (or any other select field), I can only select a few users/values. But not the one I want to select.

Jira Cloud

To get options for the select fields we use the first project from your instance that has the issue type the template has been assigned to.

If you look at the “All Projects” list on your Jira instance - you’ll find that project (probably first).

We have a feature request to allow users choose from which context to set values for the template and that should help to properly choose specific select field value for the template’s scope.


When using Epic template - tasks (being child to an Epic) not created or not linked to an Epic

Jira Cloud

“Epic Link” field is not added to Create Issue screen

Go to Screen Configuration, add “Epic Link” field to a Create Issue screen


“Story Points” are not saved in the template

Jira Cloud

“Story Points” custom field is not added to the Jira Create Issue screen context

You need to add this field to Create Issue screen.

  1. Go To “Create Issue” (big blue button on a top header)

  2. Click “…” dot menu

  3. Сlick “Find your field”

    Search for “Story Points”

  4. Then go to a proper screen configuration, and add that field

  5. Next time you open Create issue - you’ll see the “Story Points”

From now on, saved “Story Points” would be restored from the Template upon the new Jira issue creation


“Original Estimate” is not saved in the template

Jira Cloud

“Time Tracking” custom field is not added to the Jira “Create Issue” screen

Proceed with the same actions as described in previous problem (see above). Add “Time Tracking” field to Create Issue screen


Unable to uninstall an app

Jira Cloud

Uninstall button is greyed out or missing.

  1. Unsubscribe from the subscription first

  2. Or contact Atlassian support

Related post:


The new feratures that expected to be delivered with the latest Easy Template addon version update doesn’t work or missing

Jira Data Center

The old version of the addon’s resourced is cached on your browser or Jira instance

Clear your browser’s cache:

Clear Jira’s plugin cache:


Unable to access documentation while logged in confluence

Confluence treat such user as Authorised but not licensed.

As a quick workaround - access our knowledge base in browser incognito mode


Parent is not passed to “Create Issue Screen” via Prefill flow

Jira Cloud

This is a known issue for Connect apps from Atlassian. Check

At this moment the workaround is to use “Create” flow instead of “Prefill”. We’ll be following Atlassian updates on this matter.


I can’t see a particular saved field while editing a template via Manage Template

Jira Cloud, Jira Data Center

Fields are not associated with proper screens or project/global context

  1. Go to custom fields, find the field

  2. Click “…” menu → Associate to screens

  3. Try associating with Default Issue screen

  4. If that won’t work - find the original project from which the tempalte was created and associate custom fields to issue screen of that project

You may also want to check Scope where the field s defined to be used. And it should be global.

If you have difficulties with the setup - please schedule a call

How can you help a team to better troubleshoot an error

Provide a description of your environment

  • let us know if you are on Cloud or Jira Server/Data Center

  • provide us with your Jira Server/Data Center version

  • provide us with the Easy Templates add-on version

    • click Cog icon → Manage apps → Manage apps → find Easy Templates section → expand and check “Version”

  • make screenshots, and screen recordings of the checklist behavior that you think is not valid

Getting Browser Logs

  • Open Browser Console Log and make a screenshot of errors

    1. In your Chrome browser, click and then More tools > Developer tools (F12)

    2. Click the Console tab.

    3. Refresh the page with Jira issue and checklist opened

    4. to check for any errors in the console and send them to us as screenshots or screencasts

  • Generate.HAR file following these instructions from Atlassian and send to us.

Schedule a call

Finally, feel free to schedule a quick call with our team and we’d be glad to help you!

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