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Set Template scope

Easy Issue Templates for Jira streamline workflow by pre-defining fields for similar issues or tasks. Our new feature also enhances this functionality by allowing users to set template visibility and usage scope either globally or for specific projects. This guide will walk you through how to set the scope for your templates, ensuring that they are used effectively and efficiently in your organization.


Step 1: Creating a New Template

First of all - you need the Template created. Read how to do it here

Step 2: Accessing Templates Management

Then navigate to the created Template following this instruction

Step 3: Setting the Scope

Once you have opened the Template and see its details - you will have the option to set its scope. There are two main choices: Global or Specific Project.

Global Templates

  • Choosing Global Scope: Within the field “Scope” choose “Global” option if the template is relevant across multiple projects.

  • Implications: A global template is accessible to all users in all projects within your Jira instance.

Set Bug Template usage scope to Global

Project-Specific Templates

  • Choosing Projects Scope: Choose “Selected Projects” option if the template is intended for a single or multiple projects

  • Selecting the Project: Use the “Projects” dropdown menu to choose the project(s) where this template will be used.

  • Implications: A project-specific template is visible on Create from Template popup for the chosen project and accessible only to users who have “create issues” access to the selected project while creating a new issue from the template or applying the template to an existing issue.

Set Bug Template usage Scope to Specific Project

Step 4: Finalizing Your Template

  • Review your settings.

  • No need to save the template it’s saved automatically

Note: if the template scope set to “Selected Projects” but no actual project set - then the Scope shown as “Invisible” and the user template won’t be able to use the template anywhere.


Setting the correct scope for your template is crucial for efficient workflow management. Global templates are ideal for standard processes across the organization, while project-specific templates cater to the unique needs of individual projects. By correctly setting the scope, Easy Templates for Jira ensures that the right templates are available to the right teams at the right time.

Additional Tips

  • Regularly review and update your templates to ensure they stay relevant.

  • Train your team on how to use and benefit from these templates.

  • Monitor the usage of templates to understand their impact and utility.

By following these steps, you can effectively set up and manage templates in Easy Templates for Jira, enhancing the efficiency and consistency of work within your organization.

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